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Posted by Chris & Redewaan on

Hello everyone,
Right now i am looking for C++ programmers that have knowledge in using Unreal Engine 4.
The project we will be working on is called DESERTED. The game will feature Adam Baxter, a 30 year old who recently got married to his sweetheart, Ashley Valentine. The two embarked on a honeymoon trip to the Bikini Atoll–Marshall Islands, but the unthinkable happened. The plane they were on started losing altitude because of low fuel gauges and it nose dove directly in the water. The impact was too strong and killed everyone, and Adam was unconscious. Adam suddenly wakes up on the sand, how he got there , only GOD alone knows , his coughing up water, still dazed and confused, he manages to get up, and everything is a blur to him as he looks out on the ocean / sea , he sees a blury plane and what looks like dead bodies floating on the water , but cause of the huge gash to his head, his loosing blood and collapses. A few hours later , Adam gets up , but cause of his energy bar that is in the RED , he needs to have some sort of fight to get supplies , setup a shelter , search the wrecked plane / bodies , etc. His main aim is to survive and to try to get off that Island.

The game is 3D, first person, high quality graphics.

The Programmers must have:
• A ‘can-do’ attitude
• Knowledge of c++
• Experience with Unreal Engine
• Willingness to cooperate and communicate with the rest of the team

The position isn't paid, but the project is really serious - the share revenue plan on this game is pretty huge - we will make a kickstarter, plus join patreon, plus participate in Unreal Dev Grants (which is 5,000$ - 50,000$) + donations from fans (the project is big).

We will be developing the game in Unreal Engine 4.

If you are interested:
Email: krissko7209@abv.bg
Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

Best Regards,

To Apply

Email: krissko7209@abv.bg
Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

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