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Artists located Anywhere.

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You work in a cheap fast food chain, live with your pregnant girlfriend in a tiny flat, you have high debts with the biggest gang boss in the area and have no plan how to proceed. Besides all this, you will eventually lose your girlfriend. The only chance to get out of debt is to sell drugs and commit robbery - a criminal network of its own. Mistrust and despair are your companions.

Sounds exciting? - Then apply now and support us to implement this game!

What do we offer you:

- A pleasant working atmosphere

- Fun at work

- Decision latitude, which allows you to express yourself creatively

- A team that supports you in every way

Informations about the project:

  • It’s a first person open world action game
  • We’re using Unreal Engine 4

We are looking for:

Story Writer:

  • Contact for the story behind the game
  • Writes down the individual missions
  • Responsible for background information of the acting persons / gangs, as well as for the course of the action


  • responsible for the implementation of the mechanics, artificial intelligence, as well as the integration of the general gameplay
  • Using UE4 Blueprints or C++ Code

Level Designer:

  • Responsible for the creation of the map, decoration of individual buildings, streets etc.
  • adds models to the project files
  • Using UE4

Game Designer:

  • Responsible for the game mechanics, design and implementation of the missions, the gameplay and the collaboration of each team, as well as distribution of tasks
  • Contact for questions about mechanics, gameplay, objects, game world

3D Modeler:

  • Responsible for 3D modeller of characters, vehicles, buildings and other objects


  • Responsible for the animation of cutscenes and character animations
  • Using UE4 for cutscenes

Concept Artist / UI Designer:

  • Responsible for the appearance of the user interface, as well as the creation of concepts of buildings and characters

PAYMENT NOTE: All positions will be payed after the game’s release. You will get an amount of our revenue

To Apply

If you want to apply or if you have any questions send us an email at pillowaregames@gmail.com

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