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Posted by Green Thumb Studios on

Hi there, hopefully everyone is having a great day!

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a concept artists that can work on mainly boss art and enemy art, but on occasion it would be small pieces of environment props that are combat orientated such as defense towers for a certain race and etc.

For concept and model style look below. Generally we are working in a very simple polygonal style so our goal is to fit that as close as possible.

Who we are:

We are a team of 9 people looking for a 10th, we are set on creating an CO-OP ARPG meets rogue like with a good bit of story mixed into the world, a world where progress is never truly lost in the grand scheme of things, death is only of the body not the soul, characters you find will grow along side you and enemies too.

None of us are masters by anyone's stretch of imagination but we are confident in what we do and what we want!

The Game:

Quest of the Gates will be a rogue-like exploration game with progression in the form of currencies, talents, weapons and other gear along with story progression as you go through the different dimensions.

To sum up progression, the world, story and mechanics will progress as you play with death only being a setback to where you stood.


The vendor of the gods has called upon you, sadly, for nothing other than to appease his boredom, but there is much to gain from his whims. He has laid out gates jumping between worlds with five major challenges. Your job is to solve these whilst entertaining this mysterious figure, and perhaps find the true story behind things and if you succeed becoming a god among men will no longer be a dream.


We will be looking at going through a well known publisher for the game, someone that can actually handle marketing, pr and distribution properly. We don't intend on becoming robots but we make and play games, advertising is not our forte.

You can find project style and info here: Connect.unity.com

Tadar final

To Apply

If anyone is interested or is looking for more info you can grab me on: Joshua@gtgamestudios.com

Or via DM on IndieDB

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