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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Prosopon is a small independent dev team formed by talented individuals worldwide.
We’re passionate, serious, open minded, gaining experience, and always looking to network with new people.
We are seeking talented individuals for the development of our current project, that’s about to start the development of a first alpha.

The Game
Deeply focused on player immersion and experience, we are in front of an small-scaled realist open world adventure-simulator game placed on a small rural town during the 18th century where players will be able to make their own stories based on their actions.

We are trying to innovate the adventure genre by adding simulation aspects to it, such as the pass of time, where the story won’t wait for the player and will develop itself even if the player does not interact.

The Project
-Adventure Simulator
-Focused on realism
-Deep narrative-based
-Small scale open world

The Perks
-Awesome talented people to work with
-An open and friendly environment where your voice matters
-Share and gain knowledge with your teammates
-Revenue sharing (Cash-out after funding, if successful, as well as revenue sharing)

What we want from you
-Passionate about programming and games as well as affinity for the adventure genre
-Understanding of programming for games
-Experience with C# or C++ (Preferred)
-Ability to communicate and follow directions
-Comfortable working with multinational team via the internet
-Generally creative and curious

What we would love from you
-Familiarity with Cryengine V
-Experience on past projects as a programmer
-Any personal projects you may want to share
-Strong video game culture

-Participate actively on development with the use of collaborative tools
-Work with the game designers and artists to create a rich and immersive open world experience

To Apply

Please, if interested contact us with the title “Programmer – (Your name)” at jobs (at) prosopongames (dot) com

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