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You like simulation games and would like to work on one? Then you are exactly right with us!

We are currently looking for:

- Programmer of gameplay and artificial intelligence (UE 4)

- Sound Designer for the sound effects

- Modeler for numerous models within the game world (vehicles, buildings etc.)

and a Game Designer for our game!

But, what is it all about?

As a player, you aspire to the career of a S-Bahn, tram or bus driver. You have the opportunity to choose between a "career mode", a "free game" and a multiplayer mode.

The line network consists of 3 S-Bahn lines, 6 tram lines and 21 bus lines of a German city with dynamic, changing weather. There is also a radio center that supports you. There you can find out how the weather will be in the near future, to adjust it to the conditions, you can ask about the traffic, construction sites, accidents and other peculiarities of your line.

All vehicles are detailed and realistic simulated. In the "Free Game" you as a player have the opportunity to drive at any time all possible lines with all vehicles.

The career mode is as follows:

- Character selection

- Player starts as a trainee in a small one-room apartment in a development area

- Player has the opportunity to choose between tram and bus

- As a trainee, the player must have ridden all routes once (shift schedule is fixed - no changes possible)

- After driving all routes = learned

- Selection of the desired route after training possible

- According to certain criteria (certain number of journeys etc.) a "promotion" to the "experienced driver" is possible

- promotion to the manager possible (if no customer complaints, little damage to vehicles, punctuality)

- Salary after 4.5 hours of play

- Rental of new apartment possible

- purchase of new furnishings

- Own car

- Training as a bus driver or tram driver after first completed training possible

- As a manager, it is possible to plan and edit lines, hire and assign employees, buy and allocate vehicles, and create timetables for the lines

- In case of insolvency of the game score is lost

- As a manager route repairs and improvements possible

- Damages are deducted from salary

- Private investment in AG (shares)

All rail vehicles have train control systems, passenger information devices and other tools that are important for the realistic completion of the tasks of a tram driver, bus driver or train driver.

To Apply

just send a resume to pillowaregames@gmail.com

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