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Posted by Infernal Light Games on

Hello everyone, I am looking for help for farm game that I'm trying to make. I am looking for artists/pixel artists similar to that for rpg styled game like harvest moon, story of seasons, rune factory, etc but with a art style like the game Bastion.
The story will mainly be that you the main character has lived a too normal life and deep down you always dreamed of more of a simple life of farming. But as you fall asleep with this thought in your mind, you somehow awaken in another world, a strange world. You rise from the grassy field you were laying on and begin to learn more about the post apocalyptic world you now live in and the beauty and darkness that dwells.

The game will be large and have more dark undertones then in the normal farm games we usually see. However, this will give the role as the farmer more importance since you will be helping build a new world for those you come to find as friends, and even family.

If you are interested, please apply at my discord kazonking#3911 and there I will give more details about the game and the direction. Also, for those who apply, I am a founder of Infernal Light Games which is still new to the indie gaming scene but are trying to make a name for ourselves, which this game could lead to that goal. This will be a rev-share game and for those who apply i will go more in-depth with the rev payment option and benefits.

Lastly, for anyone who is browsing through this, if you you have skills with level development, programming, knowledge of using RPG makers or such. Please apply as well.

To Apply

Apply at my discord kazonking#3911

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