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Hello everyone,
Right now i am looking for concept artists.
The game follows the intriguing story of a SWAT member, later made a leader of the team. You must breach, arrest all suspects, kill if needed, clear the place. You will go though many beautiful places, from the small neighbourhood, to remote island, to the big city. The game will involve enormous action, tense and tactics. You will need to build tactics to break the criminals’ offensive.
You will have to run through terrorist attacks, bank robberies, kidnapping or just simple neighbourhood slaughtery.

The game is 3D, first person, high quality graphics.

The Concept Artist must have:

• A ‘can-do’ attitude
• Experience with concept art
• Ability to draw props, environment, characters.
• Willingness to cooperate and communicate with the rest of the team

The position isn't paid, but the project is really serious - the share revenue plan on this game is pretty huge - we will make a kickstarter, plus join patreon, plus participate in Unreal Dev Grants (which is 5,000$ - 50,000$) + donations from fans (the project is big).

For now that's the team:

Chris Panov (Me) - Lead Game Designer & UI/UX Designer
Sandeep Mattepu - Senior C++ Programmer
Rafael Almeida - Senior C++ Programmer
William Roton - Junior C++ Programmer
Moustafa - 3D Texture Artist
Igor Rogov - 3D Props Artist
Alexandr Danilchuk - 3D Environment Artist
Jed Crouch - Composer / Musician
Alex Crook - SFX

We will be developing the game in Unreal Engine 4.

If you are interested:
Email: krissko7209@abv.bg
Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

Best Regards,

To Apply

Email: krissko7209@abv.bg
Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

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