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Working title: Project Mirela
Short Decription: Emotional, First Person, Drama/Mystery/Adventure in the Unreal Engine

You play as a man named Aleron who chose to stay in a cabin in Montana in the Glacier National Park because his bond with his daughter, Mirela, has become too strong after his wife passed away.

Video: Youtube.com

After an interrupted call from Mirela he wants to get back to her but he quickly realizes that there seems to be no exit. He gets another call from a woman named Nora who claims to be in a similar situation. They have to work together to get out of their cabins but can Aleron trust Nora?

The 3D Environment Artist will create the main location of the game. The cabin. It doesn’t need to be realistic but believable.
– Able to work with 3D-packages

– Model and light believable environments based on Moodboards, Blockouts and Designs

– Environments have to be efficient in the Unreal Engine

– Passion for playing and developing games

– The Texture Artist has to be able to texture the objects

(Bonus: Able to create textures & Experience with UE)

I offer:
1. You will get percentages of the revenue
2. You will be part of an amazing and passionate team that you can trust and learn from
3. You will be part of a serious game company where your work matters, makes a difference and has a great impact , a company where you can grow through overcoming interesting challenges with the help of like-minded people, a company that has an awesome vision and always aims to create high quality and story driven games which focus on complex human relationships (A video that explains this vision in depth is only available on Trello)
4. You will be working on an emotional, story driven, and awesome game
5. You will have perks like support, flexible work, inspiration, chat rooms where you can have fun
6. You will have a chance of getting a full-time position

If you get accepted you will be added to the team on Trello.

To Apply

Think you have what it takes to join the RisingLane Team? Cool! Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

Email: a.koctar@t-online.de

Website: Risinglanegames.wordpress.com

Sometimes true interest can be more important than skill. Show us this interest and the willingness to improve and I'm sure we can work something out!

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