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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Agentpollito on

We are starting off a new project and we have some concepts already, such as the first chapter of the main story-line and part of the basic mechanics.
We are not experienced at all while developing games from scratch, and we are also using the popular GameMaker engine to develop the game, this is one of the main reason we are only asking volunteers, since we are not experienced at all and we are not looking to get any income at all with this project.

This project's main story-line is about a bio-weapon developed by the Soviet Union during WWII, basically testing up with some monsters. The Bio-weapon gets locked in a chamber due to its instability and the years passed.
It's year 2572 and the Neo-Nazis have upraised in power, they have access to some secret files, within them it is the Bio-Weapon, and so they start up looking for it.... [rest of the story-line on the discord]

This game's assets are meant to be sprites, rather than realistic models, either the up ones as the sideways ones. We don't have quite a measure yet but we are probably going to look up for 32*64 sideways sprites and 32*32 up sprites, at least for the actors.

Some of the assets needed to start off the game are:

- Neo-Nazis | Up and sideways sprites | Look like modern nazis

- Player | Up and sideways sprites | Looks like a caucasian guy with blue jeans, white shirt, brown leather jacket, and short brown hair.

- Damned / Mutant | Up and sideways sprites | Looks like a normal zombie.

- Amalgamation | Up and sideways sprites | Looks like a black tar blob.

- Conjoined | Up and sideways sprites | Looks like a normal zombie with two heads.

- Survivor | Up and sideways sprites | Should look similar to the player in terms of being alive and healthy, I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

- Marrow | Up and sideways sprites | Should look like a normal skeleton.

- Pistol | Up and sideways sprites

- Assault rifle | Up and sideways sprites

- Shotgun | Up and sideways sprites

- Bullets / Bullet item

- Some backgrounds.

If you are interested join our discord, but remember this is meant to be a non-lucrative project, so we are looking for people who want to help by the meanings of passion, kinda, point is our budget is $0 and we are not looking to get any money from it, thanks.

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Join to our discord:

or if you prefer you can send me an e-mail to agentpollito@gmail.com

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