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At Early Warning Entertainment we are looking for a Project Manager | Associate Producer to add to our game team!

** Position is [Profit Share] with contract. This role can be performed in part-time/spare hours. **

Project Title:
Atrocity: Field of Hands
Take a look at our latest devblog to see the Studio and team.

Developed by military veterans, Atrocity: Field of Hands throws you directly into a violent conflict inspired by true events. The decisions you make in combat will have moral, ethical and tactical consequences.

Step into a war zone intensified by the authenticity that only combat veterans can bring with real-world decision points, true-to-life ballistics and an immersive story line.

+ Console & PC development
+ Single-Player campaign
+ Story based on true events
+ First person view point
+ Built with UE4

Team Name:
Early Warning Entertainment Inc.

Previous Work:
Atrocity: FoH is Early Warning's debut title.

Talent Required:
Associate Producer
Support the Producer to ensure the successful delivery of our product(s). Create, track and update information to provide “real-time” visibility to both the Development Team and Management.

+ Develop comprehensive project plans;
+ Manage and maintain product, sprint and issue backlogs;
+ Follow up on the progress of the work (development team/project/production support), provide guidance on project initiatives and communicate statuses to project stakeholders on a regular basis, ensuring adequate communication between project collaborators;
+ Ensure the quality of communications (frequency, adaptation based on the context and product, etc.);
+ Able to consistently communicate in a professional mode, even under stress, with engineering, art, production, and business personnel;
+ Thrive in semi-structured, dynamic, and entrepreneurial environment;
+ Meet deadlines and deliver content.

+ Military experience

+ Remote work
+ We are a global distributed team
+ Discord is our virtual office
+ Veteran-operated
+ Work with a team of military advisors
+ Registered PlayStation® Developer

Early Warning Entertainment | ewoperations.com

To Apply

Obtain your objectives, apply with CV to commandpost@ewoperations.com

Anywhere - Distributed Team
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