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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Joostk on

We are looking for 3 more talented individuals to work on Grimhorn, an AAA quality hardcore survival game, made on the Unity engine.

What we are currently looking for:
- One 3D Animator
- One 3D Artist
- One Programmer

What is Grimhorn?

Grimhorn is a sandbox survival game for the PC, set in a fantasy setting with medieval and victorian influences. The player has the option to build his own house/town, or to join one of the 3 factions in order to build a home within the castle walls. When playing solo, you will need to farm, hunt and craft on your own, when you are part of a castle, you can gain gold which you can use at markets.
The game will provide a dynamic player based economy system between these 3 castles.
The main focus of the Grimhorn game project is to deliver a gritty fantasy survival game, with all the freedom to create your own player driven adventure.

Key features:

- Base building
- Dynamic, player driven economy
- PVP and PVE
- Crafting
- RPG elements
- Factions
-(Subtle) procedural weapon and item implementation (most likely after early acces release)

Current stage of Grimhorn:

Around 35% done (early acces build)
- 4km by 4km terrain is done and implemented
- Build system is done and implemented
- Custom shaders are done and implemented
- A.I. is done and implemented

Will you get paid? Will this game be sold?

These are currently unpaid job positions. We are planning on releasing the early acces build on Steam this year. Once the early acces build has been released, everyone will receive a contract deal that contains a share in the company and payment for all the work that will be made by you after the early acces release.

Early footage:


All you have to do is send me an email. Just briefly tell me what area you are interested in, and add some of the work you have made in the past. Interested in working on Grimhorn in some other way? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for showing interest in the Grimhorn project,

-Joost van Kempen

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