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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by studioruthless on

Want to join a thriving indie game development company? We are in need of more team members - As this is a remote position, you will be required to be online relatively often. We use Discord for short and quick communications, meetings and Trello for task management.

We are a small but growing game studio working on our first big project. The team so far is composed of 12 people. We not only aim to create a game, but to create an environment for people to enjoy their work and get the best experience possible. Our team so far is composed of several industry professionals and newcomers, but one thing is for sure we all share the same passion for making games.

The game is set in fantasy world ruled by the hands holding their swords strong enough to withstand the might of their opponents, them being wizards, magical creatures, knights and elfs. You can visit our website (still in development) to have a quick glimpse: Ruthless-games.com

Fresh Ideas are always welcome and opened for discussion no matter of your position. We believe a good game and level design comes from collaborative thinking, so we do encourage you to participate and debate it with other team members in meetings.

Opened positions:

Network Programmer

Gameplay Programmer

General Game Programmer

Each candidate will be expected to take a test.


  • Working knowledge of C++
  • Own, operate and support the services and features you develop
  • Take ownership of new and existing features in Unreal Engine, content editor and tools.
  • Work closely with game designers to design and implement new features
  • Have a general knowledge of the inner workings of game engines including rendering, physics, AI, sound and networking.
  • Follow game design work to ensure the creative vision and the desired branding fits the end result
  • Optimize, refine, and correct work to ensure as much of a bug-free and well-performing environment as possible
  • Work with artists, animators, other programmers, and game designers to execute projects on time

This is a relatively urgent position, so we have no time to waste.

>> Candidates looking to develop the next big indie game.
>> Candidates who are active and responsive.

>> Will participate in meetings and be active.
>> Love the fantasy genre, and want to submerge yourself in it.

>> Payment Structure: As soon as the project gets bigger funding, you will receive a job position offer for our studio.

You can send your resume to our e-mail: studioruthless@gmail.com

To Apply

You can send your resume to our e-mail: studioruthless@gmail.com

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