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About me

Hello everybody! My name is Daniel Butler and I am 18 years old and currently studying IT systems in college. Although I don't have any professional background in game development I have been developing mini engines and small concept games since a young age and I have recently discovered the UDK and what a powerful tool it is and I think it is perfect for a project I have been wanting to work on for a very long time. The project is called Priest. It's a first person survival horror game with elements of platforming and puzzle solving. Here is a brief description...

Priest - First Person Survival Horror with light RPG elements set within the catacombs of an abandoned church.

You play as a young naive priest who finds out a forbidden secret about the church and religion you have devoted your life to serving. Upon finding this secret you are knocked unconscious and dragged to an abandoned rocky island which is overshadowed by a foreboding church. Upon entering the church you see a centerpiece which stands out among the cobwebs and haunting atmosphere. You find a golden crucifix with a scroll wrapped around it. The scroll has a riddle which details the mystery of a large stone door in front of you and how you might be able to escape this holy prison. The door swings open and you take the scrolls riddle to heart. You walk into the door and must descend into 100 levels towards the depths and darkness.


- 100 Levels with a mix of gameplay styles (Platforming, Puzzle Solving, First person combat, Light RPG elements)

- Golden Cross weapon which can be enchanted to cast spells to solve puzzles and fight back creatures from the depths.

- Story telling told through scrolls found within the catacombs.

- Varied atmospheres including the bowels of hell themself.

At the moment I have experience with level design within UDK and slight UnrealScript experience but I am here to find talented and like minded people to work on the project with me. Files will be shared via dropbox, communication via Email and Skype and everybody in the team will have creative input on the project.

What we need...

Texture Artists
3D Modellers
UnrealScript Programmers
Additional level designers

Look forward to hearing from you!

To Apply

To join the project please fire an email to danielbutler96@hotmail.co.uk

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