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Posted by Stoners United on

We are seeking a programmer/experienced SLADE user who can make simple humanoid sprites and work within the Doom engine. We are a small, two-person amateur team with no coding experience who have managed to make it decently far within the process of making a Doom 8 level WAD, and due to ambition above that of someone who cannot make humanoid sprites or code enemies/weapons, we require just that in a third person for this one game. It is called Cool Hand Tony: Disturbution, a basic 8-level Doom modification with a possible accompanying multiplayer, but most of the focus is on the single player. We are currently working with just modified graphical materials on the basic Doom enemies right now, but we are open to new and interesting ideas with levels and enemies. The latest expected completion date for this project is early February 2021. We understand if you think this request is a little bit unreasonable to take on from a few nonserious developers, but have a little heart, will ya? The project is based on ZDoom/Zandronum if the multiplayer happens, and video from a somewhat recent build is attached. Apologies for the glitched visuals, that was OBS being a tool before I could figure out what the problem was. Cheers!

This is the furthest thing from a joke, FYI.

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Message me at ihatesnakes11@gmail.com

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