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Hello, I'm a writer and my team includes a programmer, two 3d artists, three concept artists, a sound designer, and a composer alongside myself and a couple of more business-oriented types. We are still in the early stages of development. We’ve been at it for about two weeks and basic U.I. and player movement should be finished sometime this week. WE can talk about money once we have a budget to speak about.

Liber RItualis is a puzzle-based survival horror game in the vein of Alien Isolation, Clock Tower, Silent Hill, and Amnesia Darkest Descent. Set in the late Victorian Era, it follows the story of Edward, an occult scholar as he investigates his godfather and mentor’s mysterious disappearance. After becoming trapped in his godfather’s secret hunting lodge, he must perform a set of rituals and appease the spirits each one summons. If he fails then he and his mentor are trapped forever, and if he succeeds then maybe he and his mentor’s soul can be freed.

Game Name: Liber Ritualis

Engine; Unity

Similar Games: Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Amnesia, Alien Isolation

Setting 1897 U.K.

Genre: Survival Horror, Occult Mystery

POV: First-person

Core Mechanics

Shifting Map: The map should change around the player, throwing them off balance.

Stalker: A single hunting presence much like the Alien in Alien Isolation.

Logic Puzzles: Exactly what they sound like.

To Apply

Message me at ValenShadowpaw1342#6616 on discord, or email me at aponder1342@gmail.com

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