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I am a programmer currently finalising the details on the games design document for the revolutionary team based objective shooter called Days of Valor. I am strong believer in community development and come from an opensource development background. The core mechanics section of the document is at a stage now where I would like to start releasing parts of it to the community to get their feedback and additions to the general concepts.

But after reading through the rules and regulations here on IndieDB it is very clear that if you want your news to be featured on the homepage you need two things. One, clear and well described game mechanics. I have this covered. Two, concept art that supports said game mechanics, this is where I fall short.

We have a great concept artist, her name is Toni. But she is short on time and amazingly works two jobs, as well as being a full time student. It is unfair for us to ask to much of her. What I need is another concept artist to come on board.

You will not be asked to do an unfair proportionate amount of work, and I can assure you I will not ask you to produce content just for the sake of content. You will be given clear well defined written concepts of core game mechanics, that have already been proof read and approved by the team. I need you to produce concept art that gives a visual representation of the written mechanics.

Your art work will then be merged with my written concept and posted on our IndieDB news page. This serves the purpose of informing the community what we are currently designing and will help with the next stage of applying for community funding.

Days of Valor: Indiedb.com
Blog: Gamerknight.wordpress.com

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Email: admin@kilroygames.com or send me a message through IndieDB

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