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Programmers located Anywhere.

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We are a small group who is working on a big modding project, and we're searching for people to help us add a very specific part in a game; the game would be Final Fantasy 9, released for the first time in 2001 for PSX, and recently re-released for many other more modern platforms; the game included a storyline which spanned for 4 discs. In an advanced part of the game, in disc 3, the characters had to face a series of Bosses named "Guardians of Terra", while they were divided into 4 teams of 2 characters each. However, the game lets you face only the Earth Guardian (leaving the other 3 boss fights offscreen). I am aiming to recreate the original backgrounds, the 3D battle models based on the field-models in the game (it's later possible to face different versions of the bosses, with different 3D models, in disc 4), and everything else necessary to create those 3 missing boss fights from scratch, with the right couples of characters, and to obtain a more than good final result. One of the main difficulties we are facing, is the fact that the game has much less tools than the others in the series, making the modifications more difficult. In fact, we are particularly searching for someone with knowledge and skills in programming, reverse engineering, codings, modding, etc, which could help us discover more about the tech of the game. That said, anyone willing to help is welcome.

The project is ambitious, so I'd be more than keen to offer a compensation, which could be discussed provately, with those interested.

Should anyone wish to have more details, or if interested, or for any other reason or question, you can find me through this email: barreri_federico@libero.it, or even in Steam (the account is fe1_11), or through barreri.federico@gmail.it.

To Apply

Send a message and resume to barreri.federico@gmail.it, possibly with additional informations about your skills, and possible questions.

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