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Hello, my name is Davis and I am the lead on a small team working on a 2d Fantasy Combat platformer, and we are in need of a second programmer familiar with Unity. We have been working on this game for around a year, and need an extra hand for the increased workload. The candidate for this role would work side by side with our current programmer and improve player controls, enemy positioning and attack, and help build the world with the current assets we have. Since this is a combat oriented game, a good chunk of the work would involve enemy ai and combat, as well as how the player can fight/interact with them

The player and enemies will be able to move freely while they're walking/running/falling though user's input with A-D keys, every other move will consist of a predefined path, for example: When jumping, the player will follow a specific curve that's always the same, the only variation is it's direction based on player's input right or left.

The player will be able to use some light and heavy attacks with simple combos such as tap, double tap and hold. In general the character's abilities are thought to be more aerial than grounded. The enemies will behave differently based on their type, some of them will fight melee, other will keep their distances.

Some AI features are to be defined as they may differ from one enemy to another. Animation system: Everything will be sprite based, animations as well. A tool for handling sprite sheets and managing the pivots of each sprite has already been made to help managing animations correctly inside of Unity.

We also would need some work assisting with basic HUD layout and main/pause menu compiling

If you would like to apply for the position, or to find out more about the gameplay/mechanics/anything else, please reach out to me at TheSuccFoundation@gmail.com

Attached is a link with some of the game play and animations we have now, its a bit older, but should help explain what we are looking for.


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Email me at TheSuccFoundation@gmail.com

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