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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Ascension Entertainment LLC on

I am the game director of a game development company called Ascension Entertainment LLC. We are taking our popular HL2 mod retail and we need an animator.

We already have a small team together to make a playable feature limited demo (1 AI programmer, 1 modeler/level designer and a sound engineer) but we need 2 more programmers, a 3D animator and a concept artist.

Programmers must have an advanced knowledge of how FPS games and in particular multiplayer FPS games function. Animators need to be comfortable with animating characters and weapons.

We've made progress in that we have the storyline and the features fully written out, 2 game ready player models (optimized and textured), 1 non game ready player model and weapons, originally composed music, concept art and lots of original sound samples to be turned into custom sound effects. Here are screenshots of 2 finished player models so you can see the level of detail we're aiming for:

We're in the pre-funding stage so you cannot be paid, but pending successful Kickstarter funding we would hire you for full time work.

Familiarizing yourself with our mod "Modular Combat" would help you understand the sequel (https://store.steampowered.com/app/349480). The gameplay will basically remain the same, but the story and setting have changed. See our website for more details Modularcombat.net

- Programmer must have knowledge about FPS games and in particular multiplayer FPS games.
- Animator must be able to animate 3D characters and weapons.
- Passion for science fiction elements (advanced technology, alien lifeforms, alien landscapes, etc.)
- Fluent in English.
- 18 years and older.

If you are interested but not sure how much time you can commit; we are okay with you providing even just a few hours each week.

Note: Successfully chosen candidate will also be required to sign an NDA before any further information is made available.

To Apply

You must include a link to your portfolio or links to examples of past works or else your application might be ignored.

Use the contact form at Ascensionentertainment.net

The form password is: modularcombat2

Please do not PM here on IndieDB.

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