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Overunity Studios is looking for a budding 3D Designer/Animator to create characters and monsters for our game, Tobin's Chronicles: Mold'godath.

- This will include mesh creation, animation, texturing and readiness for use in Unity.
- We use Blender and Unity for most of this process with whatever texturing app you personally are happy with.
- No prior professional experience is required and some guidance will be available, but the ability to ramp up to 1-2 models per week fairly quickly will be needed along with familiarity with Blender and producing animated models/texturing.
- You'll need to be able to quickly to test your models in Unity to check that they display and animate in that environment correctly.
- The hope is that this person will become a permanent member of our core team to work on DLCs and future gaming projects.
- As TC:M is a top down cRPG, the models are fairly simple as are the textures.
- Many models later on will be just small texture tweaks to existing ones or re-use the same quadruped/biped skeletons and/or animations
- Deliverables will be all of the created assets, blender files, textures, obj files, original data file (ie psd with layers) for exclusive use with our game only.
- Work will be performed remotely online, so location is not really important. However it may be an advantage if you are in the NE of England.
- You'll be required to use Discord, Trello, GDrive, Blender and Unity which are all free.
- A demo reel or pictures of your work is required, no matter how basic.
- This is a large and long term project, so long-term dedication will be needed. However this will never interfere with any daytime jobs or real-life commitments you may have.
- Remuneration will be in the form of profit sharing, the level of which will be discussed.

To Apply

Please contact us by info@OverunityStudios.com

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