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We are looking for an experienced programmer with extensive knowledge of procedural mesh generation. You will play an essential role in upgrading and extending our in-game procedural generation engine, known as Prometheus, which powers numerous core features, such as the natural world simulation and, of course, all of the important procedural planet generation tasks. Your work will ensure that our players have many hours of discovery and adventure ahead of them.


Extend, maintain, and upgrade our procedural planet generation engine, Prometheus.
Maintaining and optimizing existing engine subsystems.
Help in creating and updating internal tools (db editor, planet generation editor, etc.).
Reworking or designing systems intended for procedural world population.
Debugging and bug fixing.

Experience on game state persistence and serialization.
In-depth procedural mesh generation knowledge.
Understanding of performance optimization and profiling.
Proficiency in C# and Unity3D.
Excellent mathematical background.
Capable of adapting to preexistent codebase.
Shader knowledge is a great plus.
Be a good team player.

About the Company

Crytivo Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2013 by Alex Koshelkov. We aim to deliver gaming experiences that challenge, engross, and offer endless hours of entertainment to gamers across the globe.The team behind Crytivo Games consists of talented individuals from all corners of the world, all working from home or in their own offices. We commit to regular communication and ensure that everyone fulfils their roles within the team. Such a studio can be difficult to manage, but it all comes down to dedication; something that is in no danger of running out with the fantastic team that we have already built.

To Apply

Send your applications to: jobs@crytivogames.com Please attach your resume. Samples of your code will be welcome as well.

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