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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by boofa268 on

I currently working on a Police Simulator game called Observation Point. I am in need of 3D artist though! If you are happy to take up this job, please email me (@jackson.business@outlook.com)!

We can talk about what models I would specifically like, and just a basic texturing process so I can edit the texture to make it look like a different police car totally! (Obviously not dimension wise) I would really appreciate the help, obviously I don't need you to be located in Australia because this is all stuff that can be done over the internet. I am not planning on releasing any version of the game for a while, so there will be little to no profit involved for the time being. Although I do work myself, so I am truly pleased with your work I will pay you to stay on the team.

I am looking for the quality of the models to be fairly realistic, If you email me we can chat and I can show you how one of my models is setup (I did buy that model, and I am overly pleased with it.) A photoshop workflow for the textures are appreciated as I am familiar with texturing vehicles for other games, with pretty much the same texturing scheme.

To Apply

Email jackson.business@outlook.com (no resume required, I'm planning on being fairly casual about this)