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Posted by Kraykon Development on

Hi, people from indiedb!
We are a small group of indie developers trying to make a living by making games. We just started our first project a few months ago. Currently, we are 4 working on our current project(including me). We are currently making a Battle royal game, which is based on a whole new concept. We are planning to make this game until next year at around this date if everything goes as planned.
We have already gotten into some of the codings, completing mostly basic stuff.
We believe that with our game idea, we can reach the top of sales in the market(not to oversaturate although).

If you would like to search this job we will pay you for your work, but don't expect large amounts since we just started about 2 months ago. We are really dedicated and we hope some of you are interested in this job.

What we need:
Well as the title says we are in urgent need of a modeler. We have already found an animator so your work will only be 3D modeling. In terms of the developer we search, your skills do not need to be advanced. Your position will be coding general stuff as Weapons and game functionality. Your job may also include some network development, so networking skills may be needed.
If you have any more questions or if anything feels unclear, please feel free to contact us via kraykondevs@@[hotmail.com](members:hotmailcom1:2858345).

Thanks in advance! Sincerely Kraykon-Team!

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Via Mail: kraykondevs@hotmail.com

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