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Posted by United Games Brazil on

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Hi! We're from United Games Brazil and we're working on a mobile puzzle game called Planeteer, which will also have a PC version in the future. Although we're 100% independent, we've already purchased a booth at a huge gaming convention that's happening in Brazil three months from now; and that's why we need an extra artist to help us deliver a great demo in time.


We are looking for a 2D artist who can deliver various assets to our game, such as tilesets and sprites, from concept art and illustrations made by our art director. We are currently redesigning the game's UI, as well, so expect at least some work in that area as we come in need of new buttons and menus.

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The style of the game used to be pixel art, but we've been changing that gradually towards vector-based in an effort to make sprites and props "pop out" more without the need for a pixel art expert. Your strengths and weaknesses will definitely influence the game's visual style a lot, so if you have an easy time communicating your artistic intentions to us, there's a guarantee that your own unique style will shine through!


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We're a three-man team working remotely with one another, so everyone wears multiple hats on occasion. However, we are against exploiting our freelancers (or each other) as jacks-of-all-trades; an important part of your job in this project will be to find out where you truly excel in the art pipeline, and then we'll do everything we can to let you focus on that. Until that day comes, we'll have to be open to each other and communicate efficiently to avoid frustrations and over-encumberment.


We've got a certain figure in mind for remuneration, but we're keeping our options open regarding whether to hire a freelancer or a part-timer; and to better calculate pay, we'll also have to consider exchange values for the relevant currencies. Again, let's be open and formal in our email conversations so that we can create a win-win situation for everyone.

I hope this piques your interest for working with us. Remember to visit the game's page on IndieDB and check out any relevant information. Thanks for your time!

- Lucas

To Apply

Please send your portfolio or resume to jobs@unitedgames.com.br – be sure to include information about where you live (so we can calculate payment) and about your availability for freelance or part-time work. If you opt for part-time work, send us your salary expectation too.

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