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Hello My name Is Xavier Nazmi Owner of intangible Studios (not a legal studio) (Paid) I’m 3 year professional Game Developer and 6 years in total in the industry I have been developing a Fighting game in an open map this would be a project starting as of today till january my hope is to be published this will not be paid until kickstarter if you want to participate dispersion of money contracts and NDA will be signed. Some requirements for all developers is Over the age of 16 Portfolio and Resume (Stating past work if you've been part of a AAA studio ect) Availability The roles we need are Project Manager Please have finished games to show 2D artist And be able to draw environments or Characters in anime style Please have a hefty portfolio 3D artist (Characters) Please be specialized in Anime style Models 3D artist (specializing in environment) Please be specialized in Anime style Models 3D animator (Characters) Please be specialized in Fighting Games 3D animator ( Objects(trees)) Please be specialized in anime style animations Network Coder We will be working in Unreal Engine 4 Please be intermediate to expert at network coding I have the design need someone to just input the code Coder Be advanced to expert when it comes to a general aspect expect a heavy workload Level Designer Please have formal training in game design a degree would be nice not required Community Manager You'll be constantly managing the community guidelines and events You will be required to setup moderators etc Marketing specialist Someone to deal with budget Payment Advertisement and meetings with other companies

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Dm me on discord at Sauren#5119

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