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Posted by Migeedo on

Hello, I am looking for programmers/designers to join my team for my upcoming unity project, Exceed. Exceed is a 2d turn based JRPG rougelike that I envision to look like final fantasy meets either the gungeon. I am looking for 1 programmer/designer profeciant in unity preferable c# though I will consider js as well.

All pay will be a profit share basis (even split between all memebers) I am looking for a total team size of 4. All development will be done in unity.

Currently the project is in pre-production/prototyping. But I am looking for help early so all members can have as much input as possible. If all goes well I would like to set up a studio also but if you are only interested in one project that’s fine as well.

You do not need to have shipped 1000 AAA games, or worked on final fantasy. All that’s needed is a email expressing interest and a way to contact you for us the begin discussing the future.

Here’s some of the things we will need or the final project ( not all inclusive):
- procedural map generation
- UI scripting
- event scripting
- battle system scripting
- enemy ai

If you are even slightly interested I urge you to contact me for the full pitch. But either way I wish you the best of luck on all of your future projects.

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Direct your interest to migeedoflame@icloud.com

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