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Paralysis Is a competitive 2D multiplayer brawler that will be made in unity.

For comparison, think of Brawlhalla with an adaptation of League of Legend and World of Warcraft fighting mechanics.

There are 5 classes to choose from. Each with 5 unique abilities and 2 trinkets (Any class can equip any trinket. Each trinket will add a useful ability to your character.)

There will be 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches and potentially more; which will take place on small maps as shown in the screenshots. Player vs AI matches or AI placement in respect to missing players will be cautiously considered and potentially impletemented further in development/testing.

Player combat-freedom is key. The player should have ability to counter nearly anything dealt by the opponent. The purpose is to lean the fight towards the player processing/reaction timing rather than statistics and gear.

Paralysis will first be in development for PC with apple mobile/ other products in consideration as needed and considered for further platform expansion in the future.

I will act as a Project Manager and 2D artist/animator. I'll be working closely; particularly with the lead programmer, to discuss the programming check-list in order to distribute the workload evenly and accordingly.

90% of the assets and animations are complete. I have been working solo already for close to two years on and off.

I will work on new maps, UI design, and adjustments for old images, animations, etc. I will work closely with the programmers to discuss anything that needs to be adjusted and do so accordingly.

I am currently looking for a strong team of programmers for the technical development of the game. The goal is to catch up to the designs in time, so that hopefully neither side will be waiting on the other.

I also have similar experience in 3D modelling, rigging, animation, and texturing. So if needed, I will contribute alongside any potential programmer that may be familiar with 3D design. I'll also take care of the graphic & video editing for promotions.

Though the art-style of this project varies in comparison to Brawlhalla, they're still very similar in genre and approach. It the closest example to us help estimate the expected revenue.

While it's difficult to pinpoint Blue Mammoth's(Brawlhalla) earnings, it can be seen through their recent quote, highlighting their success.

"Brawlhalla has had over five million players, and is currently the most played fighting game on Steam"

I can't say I am qualified to make an estimate, but with the right direction we can become a strong competitor. We have an advantage in some areas and our adaptation of combat mechanics is definitely a plus as they've perviously been tested in some of the most accredited games in history.

Blue Mammoth Games have re-awakened a genre with this game and gathered the interest of a very large crowd. Lucky for us, their interests have been pinned down to a single game due to a shortage in alternatives. We plan to provide that alternative for those and more, with a focus on a fun competitive combat system.

Unfortunately there wont be payments until we publish. Any funding will be distributed fairly across the team in relation to the work invested; with respect to any unanimous decisions made towards a more strategic goal.

- Project goals, direction and thoughts-
Prior to the development, I noticed a lack of content in mobile 2D Brawlers. Understandably, the current few that fall into this category tend to utilize mechanics that revolve around a fair bit of button-mashing. While mobile games cannot be too competitive, we aim to develop something that allows player to fight with a little more strategy. The idea is for each ability to have a meaningful impact, counter, and re-usability in order to provide players with more room for improvement and strategy

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Email info and resume to Tsotne95@gmail.com

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