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Programmers located Anywhere.

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my name is Mehmet Kont and now i want make a similar game like Dota2,LOL,

So for that, i need many mondeler who will model many charcters with their
fight and skill animations.

So if you know Dota2,LOL,HOS then you know what i want make.

Important is that your created characters have to be unique which means
you cant sell them on other places.

I will use UE4 Engine.

You can use what you like to model your characters and animations as long as
it is free to use and compatible with UE4 Engine.

The programming part i will do myslefe. So we got at least 1 programmer.

This game is profit share.

But dont expect and focus to much on money because most time this type of games fail. Better focus on quality characters and good made animations and then money is no problem. All want buy cool characters or nice clothing for their characters and so on but they dont buy crap.

We will use open Github at start for planning and pictures but later when you
start prototyping with source code and files we use private or an other solution. Like i said your characters have to be unique so public sharing is no go.

There will be no timelimit. But i expect every week 1 brief update.

At start we can talk via mail and later discord account, skype or what ever.

Also i invite all interested people to join our project when he think
he got knowledge in this kind of field.

To Apply

If anyone is interested then send a mail to medialcore@hotmail.com with your questions.

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