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Level Designers located Remote Position.

Posted by zeleony on

Wu Games is currently working on a project consisting in a low poly 3d platform game where you try to get to the finish line before the screen catches up with you while you avoid obstacles along the way.

We are currently looking for an inspired mind, a young and motivated individual who would like to get a head start in the gaming industry and have some experience helping in the production pipeline.

The team is conformed by:
Director and producer who does UI and coding for the game, a Musician who does sounds for our game and myself who is doing the 3d modeling, texturing, rigging and animations.

Unfortunately, we are a small team and aren't able to afford paying you. Only thing we are able to do is give you an opportunity to experience what it is like to work with a small game development company.

Job duties include:

*Assisting in creating a level design that will bring life to the game.
*Giving ideas on level obstacles that would bring up the level of the game staying within the limit of the game mechanics itself and not complicating the game since we are a small team.
*Aid in giving the current game a story and/or sense of purpose.

To Apply

If you think you are the right fit for the role send me a message @
michael_wong@fitnyc.edu so we can learn more about each other and hopefully we can work together in this project.

Remote Position
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