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Add job Need 2D Artist for Stylized icons, Cursors, etc for RTS game in Unreal Engine 4 at Anywhere

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Artists located Anywhere.

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Hello, me and my cousin are currently developing an RTS game together and require at least 1 2D artist. (We also need 3D models, AI Programming, and possibly someone who understands Networking, So bonus if you know any of these or stumbled on this post on accident).

The Game will be heavily Story Driven and has a medieval/Fantasy tone much like that of Warcraft 3. Our influences are Warcraft 3, StarCraft 2, Lord of the Rings:War of the Ring, and the Classic Age of Empires. We plan on at the very least A interesting Single player story mode (more Hero character based) as well as a campaign mode (more large/ Broad story with more Armies). Our grand goal Is to Have Multiplayer, and a Moba Mode. Our Goal for Beta is 2-3 years. And our experience is limited to Modding. I understand this is a big jump but we are dedicated to completing it to the best of our ability. We have other goals in the Future as well related to this 'Series" Tho8ugh not all are RTs related.

Incase you wondered My Job is Blueprinting, Game Design, Story, minimal Art (Learning), Level Design and helping with Sound Design.

My Cousins Job is game Design, Minimal Art (Learning), Level Design, and Sound/Music as well as Story. We will both be doing marketing, And social Media work.

We may open a campaign in the Future for donations, and such but atm are not ready to take that step.

For more information email me and let us discuss our Future.

Have A great day! , From us both.

To Apply

Send your experience, your artistic influences, goals, and what you desire out of this group effort as well as any contact information you wish to give to "Lighteagle8@hotmail.com"

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