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Posted by SownGrunt on

Hello, first of all thank you for clicking on this ad! I'm a sound designer/part time coder who is working on a small game that I would like to expand apon.

The Game?

The game in question is at its roots a tower defense game in which you defend a base of your creation. Set in a fantasy future, the players job would be to defend various buildings and then in the future (Ones of their own design) as the war with the enemy continues. The idea then would be to expand apon this by adding events were new enemy appear to take down the players empire and so on! (I am also open to much discussion and team work in designing the concept further.

The jobs available?

Unity programmer - Must be some what confident with C# and unitys prefabs.

Artist - A concept artist who could draw designs for 3D modelers to work off of.

3D Modeler - A 3D artist who can create in-game assets.




Discord and voice communication would be a must for this project so we can discuss ideas and what we are doing!


Overall im mainly looking to meet others who work in the industry and enjoy working on a part time project with then. I'm still quite a beginner to game design so the experience would be amazing and I hope at the end we can have a project that we can be proud to have made.

Also, This will be a profit share indever, so any money made from the finished project will be shared with all the people who work on it! The idea will be to kickstart the project when it is in a t least a demo state.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this, and hey, whether or not you would like to join in with this project, I wish you luck and all the best on your journey!

To Apply

Email me at jevans2056@gmail.com - Thanks

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