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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by LittleCat on

Hello, We are looking for any Modelers, Animators, or anything art related to kickstart a potential Sonic Adventure-esque fangame temporary titled: Project Lightrunner.

Project Lightrunner will be a non-profit fan MMORPG with its story based on the Sonic Adventure series. Players will be able to create their characters based on species commonly used from Sonic the Hedgehog universe. (Hedgehogs, Foxes, Echidnas, etc.) and work together on a resistance team to defeat against the Eggman Empire.

Right now, We'll only be looking specifically for modelers to build a proof-of-concept prototype with. But when things are looking alright, we will go straight ahead and start looking for actual staff members, so if you sent us an email, and not receive a response within days/months or so, Don't worry. We'll put it on file, so when that time comes, we will contact you.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is made completely by volunteer work. You will not be paid for working on this project, but we hugely appreciate all contributions!

We hope this interests you, thanks for reading.

~Little Cat

To Apply

If you are interested in the idea and want to help out, email me attaching or linking to your résumé and/or portfolio to projectlightrunner@gmail.com If we are interested in having you. We'll reply back with contact information to get in touch with you directly.

Remember, if you haven't gotten a response day/months, That doesn't mean we don't like your work. Every email regarding interest to this project will be placed on file so we can contact you at a later date.

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