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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by BentonGrey on

Howdy folks! I'm a one-man modding team for the greatest superhero game of all time, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich. This is an older game but it still has an active and productive community, and I'm trying to keep it that way. It has been released on GOG and Steam, so people are constantly discovering and rediscovering it, and my mods are often part of that these days.

I'm currently working on an expansion and re-release of my first project, an absolutely massive DC Comics mod called The DC Universe According to Grey, which featured hundreds of characters and several different campaigns. The goal is to combine the bright, heroic spirit of the Bronze Age with the more rational sensibilities of the post Crisis Universe in a well realized adaptation of the DCU. You can learn a bit more about the project here:

I've mostly been a one man show, but because this project is pretty sprawling I could really use someone to help me by creating new maps, as I'm finding my storytelling constrained by their lack.

The game has a very easily accessible 3D map editor, and no specialized programs are required, though meshing experience would be a boon.

Responsibilities will include designing and creating maps for the campaigns I'm building, and there could be other ways to contribute to the project if you're interested. You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you like.

No experience required. The editor is quite intuitive, and I'll be happy to provide some training. You just have to be artistically minded and willing to do a little work.

This is a casual, small-scale project, no pay, no perks, just something to do 'for the love of the game', or the comics, as the case may be, but it's a good first step if you're looking to get into modding.

I hope you'll consider joining my little fan project and bringing the heroes and villains of DC Comics to life!

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To apply, you can drop me a line at bentongrey@yahoo.com
All applicants welcome!

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