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Posted by Unititled on

Hey guys, gals, and extraterrestrial beings,

This has been a spur of the moment thought of mine, but I’m drafting up a game that you may be interested in being apart of. This will be a relatively short production, I’m aiming at three weeks from start to finish. I’ll open up with this now. This isn’t a paid project, I’m not looking to gain a single cent from this. I may open a patreon and split the donations, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go. Advertisements for profit off of this game are off the table.

At its core, this untitled project is super simple, and outside of its core, it still is. You’re a lander, a little ship that’s built for landing on planetary bodies. That’s all you do, you land on planets.

However, this won't be made easy for you. As you land on more planets:

Asteroids, ship debris, and other obstacles will start spawning in with increased frequency.

The planets will start to rotate at faster speeds, or with variable changes.

Planets will start to gain hazards of their own, like lava lakes or elevation changes and slopes.

And potentially more to come.

The lander will be controlled with a vertical thrust and left and right thrusts. The entire game will be set in a minimalistic style. Possibly pixel art, but I’m open to changes.

And honestly, that’s about it. It will be a fun little mobile game. Beat your score while you sit down and play a few rounds. It’s like a refreshing snack, not a full course meal.

What we are looking for:

One, possibly two artists, who will have to be able to work at a fair pace and work well in a team environment. Currently, we are looking at a pixelated style with flashy colors.

An additional unity programmer. Not an absolute beginner, but you don’t have to be a master.

A sound designer. Nothing crazy just sounds for a gritty, pixelated thrust, maybe a few different explosion sounds, but that’s it. (Also open to some suggestions)

If this sounds like something you want to jump into I’m down for it. We have a discord, but I’d prefer you email me first at uplinkedxd@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

To Apply

Send an email to me at uplinkedxd@gmail.com

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