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Hey Guys!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this, it's highly appreciated. (and it is because time is one of the most valuable things we can't get back).

Second of all, let me introduce myself and my idea. I hope that you'll find it interesting and well-planned (at least that was the aim).

To begin with, hi, I'm Haydn!

I've originally graduated in Business Management, but, having played video games throughout my life, I always attempted to break down the game into its narrative and game design elements and try going against its rules, exploring all the possibilities (where allowed that is). I then had decided to graduate in Game Design. So, for the last few years, my area of study was Game Design & Creative Writing.

Thankfully, I am also capable of programming and seen Unity and Unreal Engines in action over the last few years too. So, in short - I'm more than capable of pulling my own weight. I'd also like to believe that I'm down to earth and realistic, which means that the first shipped title I'd be suggesting to build won't be an AAA RPG with zero budget behind it. (Not that this would have been bad to work on, or fun to create, but such projects are more likely to fail due to its scope). I, myself, had worked with several indie teams over the past 2 years, and unfortunately, most of the projects were too big of a scope, that the teams ended up falling apart. And that's part of life. I assume most of you guys had a similar experience, and I know it sucks to have your work waisted, but hey, even so - you gain experience and learn how to teamwork (and that's a lot harder to do than it seems). For example, I have gained more knowledge over those 2 years than what I did during attending university. Read a lot of new books too (that weren't part of the curriculum).

So, for the past few months, I've been drafting few notes, creating maps, and prototyping systems (paper-prototyping mostly, haven't transferred the systems into an engine as of yet, but you'd be surprised that paper-prototyping works. Especially in level design.). Overall, I have a concept document that I'm more than happy to share. And while, I'll admit this one now, the end project would be something along the lines of a 3d Action RPG, that's not where we'll start.

Plenty of teams fail to actually start because they begin gathering all roles at the same time, ending up with formed departments that essentially are in transit, waiting for the fundamentals to be done first. And to be fair? I don't want to waste your time.

A big 3d Action RPG would be far too unrealistic to be built with no budget, am I right? And while dreaming is awesome (i love dreaming), it's realism that gets the things done. So, my plan is simple. Start small and grow. Baby steps.

Here's what's going to happen, should you be interested in finding out more info (I'll type some key-features below too):

I'll sign an independent contractor agreement with you all (as I should), where such thing as Rev-Share will be documented (you should be 18 to be able to sign the agreement). Rev-Share is hard (and I understand that a lot of people won't go for it after the recent events of teams failing, but still, currently that's the best I can do). Apart from the agreement (that'll allow you to own everything you create, and allowing me to use the material you create), we'll also track your hours! So that when we'll either manage to attract investment, land us a publishing deal, or have any support from the fan base, I'll be able to backtrack it all and allocate those resources to get the hours paid! (That's the plan, to say the least).

Tracking hours will also help us with statistics.

Then, we'll start with a simple Text Adventure Game (and yep, a text adventure game). While I appreciate, that Text Adventures aren't overly popular, it's a good start. It will help us build a fan base too and show a record that we can deliver. After the Text Adventure, my next suggestion would be to move to a 3d Point and Click (that one would be a bit more complicated, but at least it'll set us on the right track). I'm planning that by the release of the Text Adventure we'll have a dedicated fan base, and funding to support our further development.

And only then, when we have acquired the funding and the fan base, go into something difficult as a 3D Action RPG.

(that's the plan in a nutshell, but it's more detailed, of course. For example, there will be a proper business plan among other things).

I'm also considering the Transmedia approach - create comics, short stories, in the same universe, to further the influence. (I can talk more about the Transmedia approach over messages if you'd like).

I'm aiming to find a couple of writers and 2d artists to help me develop the universe further and start on our first game and the transmedia approach. While I can game design, plan, write, I couldn't ever for the love of anything actually draw characters or landscapes. If it's a map or a level map - easy peasy (Though probably not the prettiest drawing you'll ever see, but hey, it'll get across the idea). (Never learned 2d character art, or environment art, a mistake that I will be aiming to correct and eventually learn that skill too). If I manage to find you guys, then we can start working, and not only I will support you with the design/writing, but also the programming. I'd say for the text adventure the engine we'll be using would be Unity (quite handy for text adventures from my research) and for the point and click, and the RPG game in the end - Unreal Engine. (thankfully, I know a bit of C# and C++, so will have us covered).

I also have a good understanding that rendering a big bang in a game engine is...exceedingly hard to say the least, so no 3d big bangs lol. (Also - I'm a bit familiar with 3D, currently, I'm learning Blender)

I understand, that there are a lot of risks in all of this (like following a stranger through hell), but I hope that you'll give me a chance. Should you run out of free time, or need a break - perfectly understand and if you will leave, I will make sure that you'll receive the compensation per the agreement you'll (and I'll) sign. Your work will always be credited and I encourage you to put your name against your work.

I am more than happy to discuss everything in even more detail over the messages.

As for the key features:

No Elemental Magic (while I appreciate Elemental Magic, I can't really and won't try to outdo Avatar Elemental Magic, and other types of Elemental Magic I've seen in video games are overused and only annoy people). I encourage people to, of course, work on their universes with any magic you like whether those are novels, games, etc (kudos to those guys, who create amazingly interesting elemental magic systems for novels).

So yeah, for our universe I'd love to create (if not a unique) then at least an interesting magic system (that's not elemental) and have that magic system conflict with the Alchemy system. (I do have a few drafts to share, but again, I'm only one person. And I'm mortal among other things, do need to sleep sometimes)

I'd say that my favorite games are mostly the Witcher titles, Dragon Age titles, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, Uncharted titles, and other titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Quantum Break, and Max Payne (yep, the Max Payne).

If I'd miraculously managed to hold your attention for that long, then thanks again! Highly appreciated!

If you'd like to apply, please reach out via discord: Haydn#7035 or email: haydns808@gmail.com

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Please reach out via discord: Haydn#7035 or email: haydns808@gmail.comĀ 

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