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Posted by cedesdcc on

Hello there, I'm looking for writers to help develop concepts the world in which my game will be taking place.

It's all about fantastical, magic, with original fantasy races with gods and monsters and such. Timeline is around medieval-esque.


I have a lot of barebones, some concept artwork, and fun ideas but I just need help fleshing them out before I can go any further into working on game mechanics.

If you're more intertested in working on writing out scenes, stories that can be in the game world, etc, let me know, we can still work together! It just may be a bit later in the process, or limited to what's already been worked on.

Basically, you'll be working with me to

- teamwork, communication, we'll use either google docs and either discord or
slack for group discussions
- develop better timelines, flesh out the world and the things living there
- rework old concepts, throwing ideas around and working through them to get
the best outcome
- create distinguish languages and cultures
- generally talking about the world to help stir up ideas


I've had odd luck with finding concept artists in the past, so I'll try to be more focused this time.

You'll be working on a few character designs, and culture general clothing. This will include the different classes and forms of government etc.
Some enviormental as well, though I have less ideas exactly on locations, so there'd be more free reign on that.

This will include:
- lots of trail and error!
- working closely with me, as I have some distinct aspects I want to represent
and some things I know I don't.
- concepts of gods, characters, enviromental
- asking questions, showing progress (if you'd like, for feedback!)
- working with text description from team members, or reference images



I am looking for some great team members to help me build my game world into something much more real than it is now.

Please know that this is a free project right now, and we can work on it as time goes by, so there's no rush or deadline.

Thank you for looking over this ad, and I hope to find some great people to work with!

To Apply

send an email to cedesdcc@gmail.com
writers, tell me about developing universes or stories you've worked, and your general interests and preferences in writing
artists, show me concept artwork, any kind, or galleries, and tell me about any team experience you may have

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