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Web/Other located Anywhere, Preferably UK.

Posted by crashbang on

It’s an early morning like any other early morning. You sit on the toilet, gently emptying yourself like a ketchup bottle, while you clutch a phone in your moistened fingers, and watch your favourite football team try and score against Siberian amateur football team, Sibir Novosibirsk FC. ‘Yes…’, you say, as you wipe. ‘Put it in. Put it in.’

Suddenly your bathroom door opens. That’s not supposed to happen - sure it was ajar already, but no-one lives here but you. Then a Deinonychus, a dinosaur from the Cretaceous period of earth’s history, walks in. You hide most of your surprise, like any right minded British person. But none the less this ancient dinosaur turning up while you are purging yourself is something of a shock.

What are you going to do now? What is the dinosaur going to do now? Well, that is very much up to you. In likelihood, it won’t end well regardless.

We are looking to revamp a choice based dark comedy game about a man and his new best friend, a hungry carnivorous dinosaur. It’s expected to be a short project. Most of the writing is already done and lots of code written - what we would like to do is make the code more efficient, add a few features, and add art and music, before releasing the game in some form when we know it’s good enough to be released. There are various options as to what form this release will take, which we’ll talk about closer to the time.

Ideal applicants have the free time to work on the project, a will to make things and an attachment to the tone of the project.

What Are We Looking For In Particular?

Glad you asked!

A Writer
We are looking for a writer to help revise the current material and possibly expand it. The ideal writer has written or has a passion for dark comedy, and is possibly also deranged (these two possibly overlap).

A Programmer
Are you reasonably accomplished in C#? Do you have experience with Unity? Maybe you’re looking to test out your skills. If so, then you could be just who we’re looking for. We are looking for a programmer able to help the game run more smoothly and add a few small additional features to flesh the game out.

An Artist
We’re looking for an artist who enjoys drawing simple, humorous art - we’re looking for something not so far flung from Edward Monkton’s work, or certain simple dinosaur comics online, with a darker comic tilt.

A Musician
The ideal applicant demonstrates ability to create music and a willing to collaborate over what would fit best for the game. We’re looking for music that complements the dark comedy tone of the game - exactly how this music is going to look, we’ll discover together, although I have written a document about this for your perusal if you choose to apply.

To Apply

Interested applicants can contact us at crash370@hotmail.com. If we think you fit what we’re looking for, then we can arrange a chat, talk more about the project and how we can work together. If you’re interested, we’re looking forward to chatting with you.

Anywhere, Preferably UK
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