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Hey there!
My name is Drew and I want to introduce a small game I created roughly 3 years ago. The project was originally designed to be a small indie project but has currently been resurfaced and redesigned with the help of some talented volunteers.

This project will take quite a bit of time to complete but with a bit of love and care, it can become something magnificent. We are looking to achieve gameplay elements and storytelling similar to “Paper Mario”, but with stunning visuals and worlds much like “Project Octopath Traveller”. So with that out of the way let me introduce you to "Project Marrow".

The Game
In this game, you play as a skeleton with the ability to switch between your physical boney appearance and your spirit form. This idea will help you solve puzzles and will be worked into the gameplay. The shard of a very powerful amulet resurrects you but only to your skeleton. Once the amulet pieces have been put back together may you regain your full fleshy self.
You will travel the land finding allies along the way to aid you in your quest to solve puzzles and to aid you in combat.

However, something seems a little bit disturbing about forming this amulet. As you continue on your path you will discover the true origin of the amulet and why it was split apart in the first place.
This game, in a nutshell, is an RPG with similar combat and storytelling like Paper Mario looking to carry on the tradition of what the first 2 games did right and to improve on those ideas.

What we’re looking for
We are currently searching for a 2D pixel artist and animator. You will be responsible for creating the 2D character sprites from our concept art as well as animating them. There will also be some additional need for assisting tile design if need be but the main focus will be on sprite work.

We don’t have a set schedule but you are expected to have a bi-weekly contribution that will need to be met. We also utilize a “Points” system in order to track progress. Each task has its own set amount of points based on difficulty and/or time consumption. The more difficult or lengthy a task the more points it will be worth. This is used to track progress and performance of our team members.

State of the Game
The ideas, concepts, and story were originally created roughly 3 years ago. It was a very small project that now is being expanded on. Currently, the game will be overhauled with new visuals and assets. Most progress and images viewed on this page will be completely gone and transformed into our 3D pixel art world. This game was also expected to be a top-down hack and slash adventure but is now completely switching genres.
Also over the years, my artistic skills have been improved from when these previous assets were created. So to create a much more believable and immersive environment much of the assets must be scrapped or redesigned.

This position is for volunteers. Once this game has a successful release and sold to the public revenues will be split according to the amount of work done. As much as I would love to pay people in advance for their work and dedication to this project we don’t quite have a budget at this time, sorry. The game is also in too much of an early state to begin crowdfunding at this time.

Additionally, if you are not pixel artist but believe you can aid your skill in this project feel free to send an email as well (serious inquiries only). For the future, we may be searching for the following positions.

-music/ sound composer

Here are some screenshots from our game, as well as a few character/ enemy designs.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2




To Apply

To Apply
If interested send an email to drewsdesignlab@gmail.com. In the email mention any previous jobs you’ve worked on, a link to your portfolio if you have one, and a small summary of skills and experience. Feel free to mention why this job interests you as well. We look forward to hearing from you!

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