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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Gamerack on

Looking for 1-3 developers to partner with on our social game discovery platform which is currently in development. This platform has been in development for almost a year now part time by a small team which is looking to grow.

Gamerack is THE social hub for discovering, recommending and purchasing video games. PLAY with, SHARE and BUILD communities through gaming highlights!

More info can be found at: www.gamerack.tv

We are currently designing and building a video gaming platform which has a focus on recording, editing and sharing gaming video content. We are in need of a developer to join our team and assist us in creating this platform. We've been doing a large amount of prototyping with one other developer and are now looking for someone else to join our team.

This platform consists of a windows desktop application, web version as well as android / ios application. At this time we are looking for someone to assist in creating the windows desktop application. If you are someone who could assist in multiple areas that would be great too!

Need Experience and Skill with:
* JS UI frameworks: react, angular, ember, etc.

* SQL and / or MongoDB
* Rapid prototyping
* Integrating technologies
* Willing to learn and adapt to new technologies quickly

Nice to have:

* Experience working with Electron from desktop applications

* C# Experience

* Not afraid to venture outside their comfort zone to meet the needs of the project
* working with video editing, streaming and compression
* Experience with developing ecommerce applications
* Strong interest in the gaming industry ( Die hard Gamer / Worked in Game Development Previously / etc.)
* Strong knowledge of video game content / streaming ( YouTube Gaming / Twitch)
* Strong interest / knowledge of social media platforms ( Instagram / Pinterest most specifically)

This is a perfect opportunity for a self motivated individual who wants to get in on the ground floor of a gaming startup.

This is a temporary, part time position until both sides decide if we would like to move forward with a full partnership. At which point this would change into a full equity or small payment / small equity position with the company.


To Apply

Send resume and some information about yourself to andrew@gamerack.tv

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