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I would like to submit this post because I am in dire and looking for mods developers for Command and Conquer Zero Hour to add some specific concepts in the game.

Basically, I want to add a new faction. For example, GLA, USA and China and the newest faction GUATEMALA.

We will make a Guatemala army, military, artillery, tanks, buildings. I can provide for full information and assistants towards developing the faction.

We take out some object units from USA (since majority of the military resources are from USA origin) or other Faction, we use it in GUATEMALA military, tanks, artillery and infantry. We can then rename it however we want (for example, AmericanHumvee will be changed to GTHumvee, doesnt have to make a new model since its too tiring), we will also change the DP or image in the dashboard of the said vehicle.

We will put a Spanish Language in the game.

We will put some Guatemalan voice sounds when we click the buildings, armies and so on. Basically we will edit it.

There will be some specific resources that are not available maybe. But we can use the infantry and change it in some specific position. We change and edit its scripts health, damage and defense. (for example we have Rifle man, we only use the same Infantry in C&C ZH, change the image dashboard, color and name it as RIFLE MAN. so no need to make a new model

We will change some sound BGM. And the intro image (COMMAND and CONQUER: GENERALS ZERO HOUR to COMMAND AND CONQUER: GUATEMALA EDITION) for example.

We will also make MAPS and AI for Skirmishes using World Builder.

Please comment here or email me at mohammadhadjiyusoph@gmail[dot]com

This will be paid job. Looking forward for this project.

To Apply

Please comment here or email me at mohammadhadjiyusoph@gmail[dot]com and message me also at my skype: mox-hy

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