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Artists located USA.

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Hi, My name is Alex. I am in charge of a group of gamers much like those of you who view this ad. I am in search of a team of skilled Programmers, Artists, and Sound designers to help me design my game. You will be in charge of implementing codes, Drawing up assets(Sprites, and the animations that go with them), and working on the music as well as sound effects. The work will all be on your own time unless I have something time-sensitive (which typically will pay more) but other than that, we are very laid back in everything we do.

Positions needing to be filled:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Programmers
  • Skilled Project managers
  • Any other appropriate positions

The project we will be working on does have an active title but isn't completely through the planning process. It will just be a small scale mobile game in which will only take a short amount of time We are still in the early stages of development so any creative criticisms you have will be considered. But I can promise more work in the future.


Everything is Project-based pay for the Art and Music as well as other related projects. Projects completed and work completed will be recorded and documented and payment will be issued when the game is complete. Any further questions please ask in your application E-mail.

(Serious applicants only.)

To Apply

Send us an email with your preferred position and your resume, as well as any examples of your previous work to Newsflashstudios1@gmail.com

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