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Walkie-Talkie is a first person dialogue based adventure game where you play as a government agent dispatched to neutralize super natural entities using dialogue.


Our team is pretty small (3 people in total) and due to circumstances our current programmer is unable to work on the game as much as she would like, she's not completely dropping out of the project she's just going to have less time to work on it than she used to.

For the most part we already have things like the Dialogue Engine and moving between rooms finished.

This is where you come in, you would be responsible for programming things like the Combat System, moving characters in cutscenes, Unique Interactions, and implementing the menus, all of these we already have designed we just need you to put them in the game.

In terms of Art, Writing, Scenes, and the overall general design of the game we have the first two levels nearing completion, and we also have some work done on levels 3 and 4 along with general structure for the rest of them.

We would like to have a demo out and launch a Kickstarter around Mid December but if (Understandably) we don't have it out by then we can delay it to early to mid January.

Our previous Programmer and Music person will be payed using Kickstarter Funding leaving the revenue we get from the game once it launches to be split evenly between the project director (Me) and You.

If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of you can find me at Thecaptaincloset@gmail.com or at @WickFicGames on Twitter.

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