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Add job Programmer familiar with Unity for diesel-punk themed turn-based RPG at Anywhere

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Programmers located Anywhere.

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We are looking for a programmer to help work on a diesel-punk themed turn-based RPG. The game will be using mechanics similar to a lot of traditional top down RPGs, like inventory systems, level ups, skill unlocks, status effects, and a turn based battle system. Camera will be sort of an isometric view following 2D characters interacting with a 3D world. In battle, players will have 12 seconds to make their turn. You will be working with one other person who is a beginner at the Unity Engine. We are working with the most recent update of Unity. The game is still very much in pre production so you will be working with placeholder assets for the time being. The game is currently operating under a rev share model, but if development goes well, crowdfunding or other methods of acquiring funding will be looked into.

All business is done on Discord, this includes monthly meetings and discussions. You will be asked to give occasional updates on your progress as you work. Meetings are held at the end of each month and members will be asked to keep a record of their schedule to help plan out meeting times.

To Apply

Send an email to swampfoxxstudios@gmail.com with the subject titled "Programmer for Swamp Fox" detailing how long you've been working with Unity and any questions you may have, I’ll answer your questions and if your still interested, I will send you an invite on discord and give a voice interview, if that goes well, you'll be added to the group discord and get set up.

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