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Add job Looking for a motivated dev with an interest in old school survival horror games at Anywhere

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

We are a very small team looking to expand now that the basic tech and design for our project has had a healthy progression. The project is akin to the old Resident Evil games but with a greater focus on exploration. The game is low poly to allow for faster asset generation, also it actually looks pretty cool.


This is just a quick sneak peek at the kind of thing we are aiming for (the scene is still early days so forgive the lighting)

If this interests you and you won't just flake after 1 day of work then please message me :). I'm not expecting full time or anything, just take part in the discord and work when you can.

It will be a revenue share based on input, we can discuss this more before you join. This is a little ways off though so hopefully your motivation is more in line with passion to begin with :p, but obviously we should all be paid for our efforts.

Whatever your area of development, I am sure we can find a suitbale role for you. From Level Design to Story Writing.

if you have a portfolio, even better, but i'm mainly looking for some motivation and passion at this point.

Thanks for reading

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you can email me at 12ssmith1@gmail.com

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