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I'm looking for someone too draw a space character guns, and maybe some planets for my space game that I'm working on, i was told it has good potential too turn into something great! i just need the support too get it there, if it ends up making anything i will pay you 1/2 for doing the great art work!

animations will work as such:
body and feet will be animated, but head and hands will be a separate image file,
(that way i can manually program the aim IK) for aiming up (looking up and pointing hands up (attached with gun)) and down etc....

i will also need you too be patient as i'm not a incredible programmer and cant get things done super fast! this game will probably take about 7 months too complete.

it will be a basic multiplayer shooter game (i don't want to release too much details on functionality cause this is kind of my own personal project) and i want too keep it as disclosed as possible!

contact me if this sounds like something you'd be interested in helping me with this and i hope too see you there!

To Apply

send a message too me on discord (as that will be our primary way of sending project files back and forth)

Discord.gg - join here!

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