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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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We at Wizz games aim to create non other than STO.

Shinobi Tales online will be a game focused mainly on Role play with diverse and distinct factions from where you can chose to start your life as a shinobi. The RP is essential for this game to work and such progress along with its intriguing and original story concept created by the team. There's no doubt that the main system is heavily relient on the Role play system. Even taking that into consideration we will try to have as much as many different and unique mechanics, mainly labeled to Player Vs. Player and Player Vs. Enviroment. For the meantime players have the option to explore a vast and wild desert along with its hidden village, Sunagakure, that's not it there are much many other smaller tribes and factions within the land.

We are looking for Level designers and visionaries that are familiar with the unreal engine 4 workflow and are willing to work with us to create well detailed environments and levels for our players to enjoy.

To Apply

Contact me at gevaneimalcolm5@gmail.com or apply on the forums Shinobitalesonline.com/

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