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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Rhetoric Games on

Rhetoric Games is looking for Level Designers to join our development team. The game we are developing is currently called Dark Realms, which is very much a WIP title. The goal is to create a test level that takes place in an Abandoned Car Dealership. The applicant's goal is to help us craft and polish this Car Dealership.

About the Game:
Dark Realm is about celebrating individuality and embracing your individual characteristics. The game focuses on branching narrative, puzzle solving, and combat. The game takes place in the middle of a rapture, where our heroes are stuck in purgatory. The second coming. Everyone has either ascended or descended, but not these guys. They are not dead, but not alive either.

About the Developer:
We're a relevantly small startup development team, which compromise of 6 people. We have a level designer, 3D modeler, Graphic/UI designer, Programmer, and an Animator. We're using pre-built assets to make our first built of the game to get a good feel of it. Once we're done the first built, we're going to replace all the pre-made stuff with original content.

To Apply

Send examples of your work to carmichel94@gmail.com. Please add "Level Designer" to the subject line.

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