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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Ash-indie.com on

Hello! I am looking for a project in Level Diz. to create a prototype (in the subsequent full-fledged game)

The history of the project can be seen in a two-minute video (It's created on unity, now switched toUE4) Youtube.com

At the end of February we go to the Kickstarter. After kraudfandinga I can already pay normally for work.

I'm looking for someone who likes fantasy and is good at creating level (optimization, light), and of course there is a taste and an experience not to get out of the style of the game

After a lot of experiments, we decided to create a game on the UE.

I will be glad to see in the team of people who like what they dulayut. Who know how to notice the details and thereby make the location even steeper.

The game is a fighting / slasher platformer. It is distinguished by its combat system and graphics from most indie games. Also enemies, we invested a lot of life in them. Youtube.com

If it is interesting to take part in the creation of the project, write to the mail (the portfolio is mandatory) info@ash-indie.com

our website - ash-indie.com/presskit.php
Facebook - Facebook.com

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To send a resume info@ash-indie.com

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