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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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The project is 3 dimensional (and viewed from first person perspective)

Help wanted for classic medieval detailing to levels, Levels exist but are empty and need to be filled with decoration. That does not mean designer need to know how to do 3D modeling or make maps. (But is a plus.) Instead give ideas of what kind of models are needed and where to be placed.

Here is some practical simple examples:

1. There is level representing to be harbour. What all is harbor? Places? Like...warehouse? What is in the warehouse? Boxes?

After listing the details, designer needs to place, these, boxes... And preferable if designer could show how the boxes look like.

2. Dungeon, yes? Rooms like cells expected? What would there be? (Not much probably, ugh, bad example) Bucket for pfff excrement. In the dungeon there could be room for guards to be playing cards? But we care about tables and chairs. How these look, where is it.

Designers will be rewarded with money for great job.
(Couple hundreds $/€)

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