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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

Calling all VA's for some god damn good voice acting.

My name is Guy and I'm the project lead on Grounded: A Halo Story. A mod for the Halo Custom Edition Game. We're currently looking to get a voice for our main protagonist and that's where you come in.

This mod is an homage to the kind of story Halo CE told with the world you were in, but instead of a "save the universe" story, the stakes are lowered and all you have to do is save your crew. Being that it's going beat for beat based on the CE campaign, I'm looking for a voice actor who gives off a kind of Master Chief vibe. A bit more cheerful, but still deep and cool.

Now as you ready above, I said that I was going to pay you. And I am. All voice actors will get paid $10 USD/line. This will all be out of my own pocket, so I may not be able to pay you as soon as you deliver all the lines but I definitely will make sure you're paid.


I want a stoic voice actor to play a character in my Halo mod, where you'll get $10/line. k?

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Email a sample of you saying "So the tower has been captured? If we’re going to survive we’ll need to take it back." to hiralis@live.com.au

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